International Tax Monitor

The International Tax Monitor delivers daily news and analysis from the world's financial and business centers, with a focus on tax and accounting developments affecting transnational enterprises.


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Keep informed about the activities of foreign tax authorities and other government and industry groups, and understand how their actions affect your business.

Trusted Analysis

 Tax has done the legwork for you, collecting information on proposed and enacted changes in tax laws and regulations, tax cases, and policy developments from around the world.

Topics Covered

Expert Analysis
  • Follow legislative, regulatory, judicial, and policy developments as they occur.
  • Keep informed of the actions in the United States by Congress, the White House, the Treasury Department, Internal Revenue Service, and the courts.
  • Track leading global tax developments in the European Union, Japan, Switzerland, Canada, Mexico, China, Russia, Brazil, and other countries.
  • Explore a wide range of timely issues, including FATCA implementation, the latest BEPS updates from the OECD, business restructuring and inversions, reform of the U.S. foreign sales corporation tax regime to comply with WTO rules, and more.

Formats and Frequency

Web notification is available daily and is archived to February 2001. Email summaries, providing the highlights and table of contents for each report, with links to full text articles and documents, are also available.