Professional Development

think and code is committed to the development of our employees’ skills and careers. Through a variety of programs and opportunities, employees have the opportunity to stretch and grow capabilities, gain new experiences, and advance their careers.

A core value we hold at think and code is that we are continuous learners. That means we hold ourselves accountable and adjust our actions and strategies appropriately. We seek constructive feedback and look for ways to improve our individual and group performance. We share our knowledge and expertise to make the whole organization stronger.

Development starts with our Orientation & Onboarding program for new hires. It continues with setting both performance goals and development goals as part of our annual performance management process. Special learning programs are tailored to specific audiences, such as our new manager learning curriculum. Learning & development teams throughout the organization help our employees increase their knowledge and skills in IT, editorial publishing tools, sales, product knowledge, supervisory and workplace skills, and other areas in order to be as effective as possible and to grow their careers.