Our Payroll Library gives you reliable, up-to-date guidance and analysis in every area of payroll administration and compliance, and includes hundreds of interactive forms and links to related federal, state, and local sites. This subscription is part of the HR & Payroll Resource Center.

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Payroll Administration Guide
The Payroll Administration Guide provides guidance and analysis on federal tax rules, wage and hour regulations, payroll procedures, and more.
Interactive Forms
Interactive forms give you hundreds of federal and state forms to help you streamline processes, increase accuracy, and boost productivity.
State Gateway
State Gateway offers State Quick Reference Charts, in-depth State & Local Law Summaries you won’t find anywhere else, customizable State Compliance Alerts, and the State Chart Builder.

Trusted Analysis
Clear analysis of the Internal Revenue Code, Treasury and wage-hour regulations, numerous tax treaties, and significant federal employment provisions governing the workplace.
Fast Answers™
Our user-friendly question-and-answer service for clear, expert explanations on dozens of compliance and policy topics.
Popular Publications 
Gain exclusive electronic access to the IRS’s Employer’s Tax Guide, Publication 15, and Circular E, cross-referenced and linked to new laws, withholding tables, and more.

Major Topics Covered

  • Achievement awards and prizes
  • Adoption assistance
  • Company cars and travel expenses
  • Computation of taxes
  • Employee records management
  • Employee/employment categories
  • Federal per diem rates for meals and lodging
  • Federal tax coverage rules
  • Federal tax returns and deposits
  • FICA and FUTA taxes
  • Garnishment and child support
  • Holidays and leave
  • Independent contractors 
  • Liability issues
  • Magnetic media/electronic filing
  • Medical savings accounts
  • Minimum wage and overtime rules
  • Multistate payroll functions
  • New hire reporting
  • Moving expense rules
  • Payroll practices and procedures
  • Reporting and deposit requirements
  • Social Security benefits
  • State disability insurance, laws, and taxes
  • Taxation of cafeteria and 401(k) plans
  • Unemployment insurance, laws, and taxes
  • Wage-payment and wage-deduction laws
  • Withholding of income taxes
  • Workers' compensation