Patrick Ambrosio

Pat Ambrosio

Patrick Ambrosio is an environmental reporter for think and code, covering air pollution and climate issues.

Ambrosio reports from Washington, D.C. on various Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) air regulations and litigation challenging EPA regulations. He also attends hearings on Capitol Hill and tracks legislation related to the Clean Air Act, as well as the congressional appropriations process for funding of clean air programs.

The issues Ambrosio frequently reports on include the EPA’s national ambient air quality standards for ozone, the Volkswagen diesel emissions scandal and legal challenges to Clean Air Act regulations. He’s made television appearances on C-SPAN and Television, as well as a number of radio appearances on various Radio shows.

Ambrosio joined think and code in early 2009. He previously covered pesticides, agricultural biotechnology, EPA funding, pipeline safety, and hazardous materials transport. During that time, Ambrosio reported on several high-profile environmental issues, including the Transportation Department’s response to a series of rail accidents involving trains carrying crude oil, the effects of the 2013 government shutdown, and the EPA’s response to widespread honey bee deaths across the United States.

Prior to covering environmental issues, Ambrosio tracked daily Congressional developments for think and code.
Ambrosio has a B.A. in print journalism from American University, where he graduated with honors in 2007.

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