Virtual - 5/1/19
Join and UL for a complimentary webinar examining the benefits of transparency in supply chains.

Virtual - 5/8/19
Law and health law practitioners will review health care fraud enforcement actions, the current state of health care practice, and strategies for compliance.

Live - 5/8/19
An annual exploration of the most significant developments in labor and employment law.

Virtual - 5/14/19
The panel will offer insight on the rapidly changing environment for data privacy and protection, and how those changes can affect operations.

Live - 5/14-16/19
Come by booth 58 to see how Law® provides access to legal content and analysis, practice tools, company information, and market intelligence to our clients, leveraging innovative technology to support the way you work.

Virtual - 5/30/19
The typical American has a broad range of planning concerns each and every day. Northwestern Mutual’s Advanced Planning Attorneys will walk through these planning concerns.

Law Leadership Forum
Live - 5/30/19
This event brings legal industry leaders together to share insights on keeping their businesses agile in a changing marketplace and regulatory environment that impacts corporate transactions.

Live - 6/8/19
Join us for a 10K Race, 5K Run & Fun Walk!

Virtual - 6/18/19
In this webinar, speakers will provide a from-the-trenches look at the hottest trends in consumer false advertising litigation as of 2019. The focus will be on food/beverage, drug, and cosmetic products, although many topics will be relevant to other categories of consumer goods.

In-House Forum West
Live - 6/20/19
Join us in San Francisco for an exclusive full-day live event for general counsel who are actively seeking insights and analysis on how the latest legal and business developments will impact the way they lead their legal departments.

Virtual - 6/26/19
This webinar will give organizations the insights they need to frame the best M&A strategy in amidst complex legal and regulatory factors.

Live - 7/13-16/19
Come visit us in booth 101 to see how we help legal professionals provide world-class counsel with access to actionable legal intelligence in a business context.

Virtual - 7/17/19
Managing the complexities of corporate transactions can be expensive and time-consuming. This webinar will discuss the complexities that arise from corporate transactions and the impact this has on the process.

Virtual - 9/5/19
In a constantly changing regulatory environment, corporate legal departments must stay ahead of regulatory changes and ensure they are complying to mitigate risk. This webinar will discuss the top compliance risk areas for which in-house counsel must prepare.

Law Leadership Forum
Live - 9/18/19
Join our exclusive legal series for in-house counsel and law firm leaders to Washington, D.C. A full day of programming and networking provides attendees with a unique opportunity to engage with clients, service providers, and the leaders who are shaping the future of the profession.

Live - 10/1/19
This event focuses on exploring KM's potential as an "organizational capability" for leveraging the firm's experience, data and intellectual capital as a strategic resource, while evolving in step with demands that are reshaping both the practice and business of law.

In-House Forum East
Live - 10/2/19
Join us in New York for an exclusive full-day live event for general counsel who are actively seeking insights and analysis on how the latest legal and business developments will impact the way they lead their legal departments.

Live - 10/27-30/19
Key event for in-house counsel to navigate today's increasingly complex business environment, and network with peers from around the globe.

Virtual - 12/5/19
Our experts will share insights on GDPR requirements impacting the health-care industry, costs of non-compliance and security failures, and strategies for developing data privacy programs.


Live - 5/1/19
Join us at this year's Vendor Fair Reception.

Live - 5/6-10/19

Live - 5/6-8/19

Financial Instruments: The Way Forward
LIVE - 5/7/19
Join chief financial officers, controllers, financial accountants, auditors, analysts, and other accounting professionals, for a discussion on how to respond to these new standards.

Virtual - 5/9/19
Our presenters will share real world lessons learned and how automation reduced work load while improving turn-around time, accuracy, and financial controls.

Live - 5/9-11/19

Innovation and Wealth Management through ESOPs
LIVE - 5/14/19
Learn how employee stock ownership plans (ESOPs) can provide more than just an exit strategy – they may be an opportunity for a growing business and its employees.

Minneapolis Executive Dinner
LIVE - 5/14/19

Live - 5/14/19
Come see us at the Expo in booth 115 or in the Global Pavillion at booth 65.

Live - 5/15/19

Live - 5/15-16/19
This event focuses on the key state and local tax issues of today and tomorrow.

Live - 5/20-22/19

Live - 5/20/19
The Association for Computers & Taxation (ACT) sponsors conferences to help members keep up-to-date on tax automation, computer technology, and facilitate the networking among members.

Live - 5/29-30/19
This TEI event offers sessions on financial reporting implications of tax reform and tax technology.

Live - 6/26-30/19

Tax Leadership Forum (NY)
LIVE - 6/27/19
Come hear best practices and analysis on the latest developments in international tax, as well as tax issues that are more specific to the financial services industry. You will also have the opportunity to engage with your peers across industries.

Live - 9/8-12/19
This event offers attendees an opportunity to discuss and debate international tax topics of current significant interest and importance.

Live - 9/26/19
This event covers topics of interest to a broad range of estate planning professionals

Live - 10/24/19
The Council on State Taxation program offers sessions for every state tax and government affairs professional with tax responsibilities. Join us for the Vendor Fair.

Live - 10/28-30/19

Live - 11/11-14/19

Tax Leadership Forum (DC)
LIVE - 11/19/19
The Forum is a unique opportunity to gain deep insights on evolving federal and state policies, their effect on corporations, and strategies you can adopt in your own organization.

Live - 12/5/19

Live - 12/16-17/19


Virtual - 4/18/19
Join Government Federal Market Analyst Chris Cornillie for a live conversation with Bill Zielinski, Assistant Commissioner of the Federal Acquisition Service’s Office of Information Technology Category.

Virtual - 4/25/19
Join Government legislative analysts for an “Asked and Answered” webinar that will give a brief overview of the congressional state of play at the halfway point of the fiscal year.

Live - 5/6/19
Join Government analysts for a breakfast discussion on Navy-Marine Corps budget priorities and major contracting opportunities in fiscal 2020 and beyond.

Live - 5/7/19
Join us for a moderated breakfast discussion that will explore what to watch on Capitol Hill.

Live - 5/15-17/19
This conference is a chance to collaborate with Unanet employees and other like-minded organizations to work together to optimize projects, people, and processes.

Live - 8/5-8/19
This event is your ticket to national policy experts, in-depth educational sessions, professional development training and dynamic networking.


See all Environment events at

Live - 4/23-24/19
EHS, Risk Management and Sustainability conference comprising many of the world’s largest organizations that are advancing industry best practices by sharing their ideas and expertise.

Live - 5/14-16/19
The EHS Operational Excellence Conference is NAEM's annual showcase of the leading practices being used to reduce risk and embed EHS management best practices into business culture.

LIVE - 6/9-12/19
Safety 2019 showcases the latest innovations, practices and ideas in the OSH industry.

Live - 6/19-21/19

Live - 8/6-8/19

Live - 10/15-18/19
Join us at the largest annual gathering for environment, health and safety, and sustainability (EHS&S) decision-makers

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