The International Trade Practice Center on Law® provides in one comprehensive, time-saving resource:


  • Coverage of import and export requirements
  • International Trade News
  • Relevant cases, dockets, statutes, and regulations
  • On-point analysis, including in-depth secondary coverage
  • Practical Guidance
  • Practice tools such as Country Chart Builders

Intuitively organized, the International Trade Practice Center provides seamless navigation among its numerous resources on the homepage and distinct practice pages for Import and Export, each of which pulls together critical related content. The practice center offers keyword search functionality for the practice center itself and easy access to Law’s comprehensive legal and business resources and practice tools.



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International Trade News

Law’s enhanced International Trade News helps you stay current with real-time coverage of the changing global marketplace with accurate reporting and clear explanation of U.S. international trade and business policies; the policies of U.S. trading partners across the globe; trading partner relations; legal actions; export/import developments; and the World Trade Organization (WTO).


Incorporating the editorial excellence of our Law Reports, International Trade News offers new features and functionality, such as:


  • Real-time news updates to keep you ahead of the competition
  • A better mobile experience
  • Customization of email alerts by topic, so you receive only the news you want, when you need it
  • Daily Highlights, wrapping up the day’s events
  • Law Insights – thought leadership by expert practitioners examining emerging legal issues and trends




Secondary Content

Market-recognized as indispensable international trade resources, the Import Reference Guide and Export Reference Guide anchor our secondary content with expert analysis of import processes, trade agreements, regulations, enforcement, and more. The Export Reference Guide includes coverage of U.S. Free Trade Agreements as well as more than 220 Country Profiles.


The International Trade Practice Center also includes select coverage from the Corporate Practice Portfolio Series (e.g., Foreign Unfair Competition) and from key publishers such as the ABA (e.g., Trade Remedies for Global Companies) and from the internationally focused Getting the Deal Through series (e.g., e-Commerce, Foreign Investment Review, and Trade & Customs). 



Primary Sources

The International Trade Practice Center includes comprehensive coverage of Case Law and Dockets for the Court of International Trade, Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit, the U.S. International Trade Commission, and trade-related decisions by U.S. Customs and Border Protection.


The practice center has mapped relevant titles of the U.S. Code (e.g., Title 15, Commerce and Trade) and corresponding provisions of the Code of Federal Regulations. The practice center also includes access to the complete provisions of all federal and state codes, rules, and regulations on Law.


Practical Guidance

The practice center features task-based, how-to Practical Guidance including checklists, overviews, and charts. The checklists provide a step-by-step run-through of import and export processes, and the charts and overviews help bring you up to speed on critical components of conducting foreign trade.

Practitioner Tools

Country Chart Builders provide a topical comparison of import requirements for the United States’ top 25 export markets. Providing an at-a-glance view of issues such as tariff, licensing, documentary standards, and labeling requirements, Chart Builders speed you to just the information you need.


Also included on the practice center is a  Law Tracker – Status of Agency Trade Investigations – showing the status of the current year’s active anti-dumping and countervailing duty investigations by the Commerce Department and the International Trade Commission.