Nancy Ognanovich


Nancy Ognanovich is a congressional leadership reporter for Government.  A reporter who has covered Congress for over two decades, Ognanovich tracks daily movements in House and Senate legislative strategy, particularly in the areas of budget and appropriations. She also specializes in Senate coverage, tracking leaders’ agendas and floor developments. 

Ognanovich has reported on the development of landmark legislation, ranging from overhauls of federal aviation and transportation laws to most of the federal government spending bills of the last decade, including the omnibus appropriations packages and the special war funding bills for Iraq and Afghanistan. She regularly interviews lawmakers on the development of legislation, including Senate Republican and Democratic leaders and the committee leaders in both parties on the House and Senate appropriations committees. Topics she has covered recently include budget sequestration, stopgap funding, omnibus spending packages, and government shutdowns.

Ognanovich began her career at Government as a reporter covering legal issues. She has reported on federal transportation policy and served as the company’s White House Correspondent where she covered the Bush administration’s economic policies and spending initiatives passed in the aftermath of the 2001 terror attacks.

Ognanovich has been a frequent contributor to media outlets including C-SPAN, TV, CBS Radio, Radio and Sirius XM over the past 15 years. She came to Washington as an unpaid summer intern for her congressman from Minnesota.

Ognanovich earned a B.A. in political science and history from the University of Minnesota, where she graduated with honors, and a Master’s degree in journalism from Marquette University.

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