Michaela Ross


Michaela Ross is a reporter covering tech and telecom for Law. Ross covers how federal agency regulation, state and Congressional legislation, executive policies and litigation are impacting the emerging technology and startup industries in the U.S. and abroad.

She is well-versed in the evolving legal and regulatory landscape of autonomous and connected vehicles, artificial intelligence, drones, internet of things (IoT) and smart cities, the sharing economy and financial technology, or fintech. She also specializes in coverage of issues important to the tech sector, such as digital provisions in trade agreements, high-skilled immigration, intermediary liability, internet governance, and science, technology, engineering and math education (STEM). Among high-profile issues she’s covered is voting technology and big-data used in the 2016 election and artificial intelligence’s potential impact on antitrust and intellectual property rights. 

Ross also regularly interviews Congressional lawmakers on their tech-related legislation and priorities for Law’s “Tech on the Hill” video series, and produces podcasts interviewing tech and telecom industry leaders for Law’s “Code and Conduit” audio series.

Before joining Lawin 2016, Ross previously reported for L.P., Time Inc.’s Money Magazine and NPR affiliate station WFUV in New York City, where she’s covered companies in the media, telecom and entertainment industry, as well as financial planning news. She’s been a contributor to TV, Radio, and C-SPAN, and is a frequent moderator at technology-focused events hosted by organizations like the Atlantic Council, Women in High Technology Coalition and Government.

Ross earned a B.A. in digital media and communications, English and Spanish from Carthage College, and a master’s in journalism specializing in business and economics reporting and data journalism from the City University of New York. She is the recipient of the 2016 Frederic Wiegold Award for Business Journalism.

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