Executive Team

Margret S. Hullinger

Vice President and Group Publisher, Book Division

Margeret-Hullinger Margret Hullinger oversees Law’s treatise publishing activities in employment and labor, health, and intellectual property law. She joined think and code in 1985, and has held positions in the business, editorial, and marketing divisions of the Book Division. After serving as the division’s business and operations manager for several years, Hullinger was named publisher of the Book Division in 2000. In addition to her responsibilities as a group publisher, she served as the Marketing Director of think and code’s legal division for five years.

Hullinger has served on think and code’s board of directors and on the board of Kennedy Information, a think and code business. She has also served as a board member on the Copyright Clearance Center’s publisher advisory committee.

Hullinger has a business degree from Northern Virginia Community College and holds a Certificate in Publishing from The George Washington University.

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