Other Major Benefits
Employee Assistance Program

Through our Employee Assistance Program (EAP), think and code provides two broad types of services to help employees and their families with the challenges in their personal and professional lives. The first type of EAP service is education and referral services to help employees find information, providers, and other resources to assist them with personal, child-care, elder-care, family, educational, financial, and legal issues. The other type of EAP service is confidential short-term counseling to help resolve a wide variety of issues and problems: family, marital, child-rearing, elder-care, or relationship issues; dealing with stress; balancing work and family; alcohol and drug abuse; or any other challenge that is getting in the way of being one’s best self. There is no charge for either type of EAP service.

Ergonomics Program

think and code’s comprehensive human resources program also includes an ergonomics program, a wellness program, a training program, and benefits for jury duty, witness duty, and military leave.

Work Life Balance

think and code recognizes the value and benefits flexible work arrangements bring to the company and its employees. think and code’s Flexible Work Arrangement Program allows employees the flexibility of balancing their personal lives with their professional lives. Assuming the environment is appropriate and the arrangement does not conflict with business needs, employees can select from myriad options such as job sharing, a compressed work schedule, and telecommuting.



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