Unique Content & Analytics

When you work with Law, you’ll find distinct resources of high value to your practice. State and International Chart Builders allow you to compare state against state or country versus country on a variety of labor and employment topics. With the State and Local Law Activity Heat Map you can see at-a-glance where new laws are being introduced and where existing laws are changing. Plus, our DealMaker collection of over 800,000 precedent agreements and clauses along with Draft Analyzer enables you to find agreements, compare clauses and determine a market standard.
Use analytics on Law to examine legal and market trends. Litigation Analytics enables you to easily assess and identify trends in litigation, better predict potential outcomes and advise clients. Quickly mine company data, case law, judicial behavior and dockets on the same platform where you conduct legal research.

News & Expert Analysis

With Daily Labor Report®, get access to expert-written  Law Insights, and other sources of industry-leading, breaking news to stay on top of the trends and developments that matter most to your work. Our team of expert reporters, editors, and correspondents can be relied on to report accurately and help you understand the implications of today's developments at the federal, state, and local levels so you can act thoughtfully on behalf of clients.

Law also provides deeper understanding of issues affecting labor and employment law.  You’ll have access to dozens of well-respected labor and employment books, including more than 50 think and code titles and books from other publishers, along with favorites such as Covenants Not to Compete: A State-by-State Survey, The Developing Labor Law or Elkouri & Elkouri: How Arbitration Works, as well as nuanced analysis with in-depth, results-oriented practical guidance from our experienced team.

Time-Saving Tools & Research

Increase your productivity by using proven practical guidance and tools— including sample client letters, checklists and forms, our HR Policy Handbook, the NLRB New Filing Finder, FLSA Litigation TrackerSM, Employment Discrimination Verdicts & Settlements Tracker™, sample collective bargaining clauses and the think and code Labor PLUSSM Tracker, a collection of proprietary union and labor information.

Law also features a comprehensive collection of primary sources for your research needs.  The Labor and Employment Practice Center boasts a full collection of case law, including published and unpublished opinions integrated with dockets, as well as agency decisions and related materials. BCiteSM allows you to quickly determine if the cases represent good law, while think and code Headnotes analyze the rulings in each case, rather than just black letter law.

Plus, for traditional labor practices involved in collective bargaining, our collection of more than 65,000 labor arbitration awards and 4,000 plus collective bargaining agreements is unmatched.

Topics Covered

  • Absenteeism and turnover
  • Affirmative action/diversity
  • Age bias and compulsory retirement
  • Americans with Disabilities Act
  • Arbitration awards
  • Background checks
  • Collective bargaining
  • Contract negotiation and enforcement
  • Drug and alcohol testing
  • Employment-at-will
  • Employment testing
  • Fair employment practices
  • Family and medical leave
  • Handling grievances
  • Hiring
  • Hours of work
  • Independent contractors
  • Individual employment rights
  • Jurisdiction and procedure
  • Labor arbitration
  • Labor-management relations
  • Layoffs and shutdowns
  • Leave rights
  • Minimum wage
  • Overtime pay
  • Pay equity
  • Political activities
  • Pregnancy discrimination
  • Privacy
  • Right to information
  • Safety and health
  • Sexual harassment
  • Smoking in the workplace
  • Social Media
  • Strikes and slowdowns
  • Temporary and leased workers
  • Termination
  • Union organizing
  • Wages and hours

What's Available

Practice Tools

  • Arbitration Decisions by Contract Term
  • Arbitration Award Navigator
  • Checklists & HR Policy Handbook
  • Compare Tool
  • Contract Clauses by Union/Topic/Classification Outline Number
  • Directory of Arbitrators
  • DOL Opinion Letters Search Tool
  • FLSA Litigation Tracker™
  • Indexes and Finding Aids
  • News Monitors
  • NLRB New Filing Finder
  • State Law Chart Builder
  • Verdicts & Settlements Navigator
  • Wage Settlement Search Tool

think and code Treatises

Access well-known treatises written by highly-respected litigators, practitioners, and thought leaders. These books include essential insights, with links to primary-source material and a collection of headnoted cases.

  • The Developing Labor Law
  • Employment Discrimination Law
  • International Labor & Employment Laws
  • Elkouri & Elkouri: How Arbitration Work

Primary Sources

Access full-text decisions of the most significant labor and employment cases. You can find a case by citation, keyword, or by using our Headnote Finder. You’ll also be able to search or browse federal and state statutes, regulations, and agency documents.

  • Disabilities (ADA) cases
  • Discrimination (FEP) cases
  • Individual employment rights (IER) cases
  • Labor and employment Code of Federal Regulations provisions
  • Labor and employment federal and state primary-source materials
  • Labor and employment state laws
  • Labor and employment U.S. Code provisions
  • Labor arbitration decisions
  • Labor cases and NLRB decisions
  • Wages, hours, and leave cases