The second International Tax Conference: Canada and Beyond on August 31, will exaBakerMcKenzie.Logomine non-transfer pricing items under the BEPS Action Plan and also focus on more technical, Canadian specific tax issues. Cross border reporting and compliance obligations for MNE’s are exploding in Canada, but what are the reporting requirements? And who is subject to penalties if a CbC report is materially incorrect? Sessions will also address cross-border mobility issues; the challenges created by a global digital economy and how Canadian firms are meeting them; and how to repatriate cash from a Canadian subsidiary.  

Join policy makers and government officials, along with leading industry experts and advisors at the think and code and Baker & McKenzie International Tax Conference: Canada and Beyond and the Global Transfer Pricing Conference: Toronto. Now more than ever, companies must pay full attention to the regulatory changes underway and the political and economic forces that are shaping them. These two Conferences represent the most current and essential thought leadership, and have become the go-to destination for multinational organizations, no matter where they are located.


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