Michael Hoenig Esq.

Herzfeld & Rubin, P.C.
Hoenig, Michael

Michael Hoenig is a Member of Herzfeld & Rubin, P.C. specializing in products liability and complex litigation. Mr. Hoenig has served as National, Regional and Local Defense Counsel for a number of foreign and domestic companies including all phases of product litigation; negotiations in complex or catastrophic injury cases; class actions; regulation matters; and preventive counseling. He heads a major litigation group engaged in product liability defense from inception of claims through trials and appeals.

For over three decades, Mr. Hoenig has been involved with traditional and frontier issues in products liability, including product design, accident causation, safety, vehicle crashworthiness and warnings. He has written and lectured extensively on these subjects. For a number of years, he has been a Lecturer and Panelist in CLE programs for New York Judges on Judicial ‘Gatekeeping’ of Scientific Evidence and Expert Testimony.

Since September 1977, Mr. Hoenig has authored the “Products Liability” column, a regular feature of the New York Law Journal. He is author of Products Liability: Substantive, Procedural and Policy Issues (1992); author of Chapt. 14, “Gatekeeping: Reliability of Expert Testimony Under Daubert (and Frye),” in Vol. 2 of the New York State Bar Association (NYSBA) book, Preparing For and Trying the Civil Lawsuit (2d ed. 2004); author of Chapt. 1, “The Law of Manufacturing and Design Liability,” in Products Liability in New York; Strategy and Practice, 1-68 (N.Y. State Bar Ass’n 1997); author of numerous law review articles; a Member of the Board of Editors of LJN’s Products Liability Law & Strategy; a Member of the Product Liability Advisory Council, Inc.; a long time member of its Case Selection Committee; and a Fellow of the Product Liability Advisory Council Foundation.

Mr. Hoenig received his J.D. from St. John's University School of Law.



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