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No matter which area of the health care sector you work within, you’ll find key resources to help your practice. Get health care news as it breaks, expert analysis of laws and regulations, practical guidance on a range of legal issues and business challenges, and practice tools that will save time and help you provide critical advice to the clients and organizations you represent.


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News & Analysis

Remain informed on all the latest legal and regulatory developments with superior news coverage across the entire spectrum of health care sectors, from health insurance and hospital systems to life sciences and biotechnology. You’ll be able to rely on think and code’s established network of reporters to deliver the news you need, as it breaks.

As part of the transition to an enhanced news service for Health Care, we have combined existing think and code Law Reports into two continuously updated and customizable news sources – Health Law & Business and Pharmaceutical & Life Sciences – without compromising our current comprehensive coverage.  These news sources, detailed below, consolidate existing Law Reports to provide a breadth and depth of topical coverage in a single source.

  • Health Law & Business: News coverage from Health Law Reporter, Health Care Daily Report, Health Care Policy Report, Medicare Report, Health Insurance Report, Health Care Fraud Report, and Health IT Law & Industry Report is now included in Law: Health Law & Business News.
  • Pharmaceutical & Life Sciences: News coverage from Pharmaceutical Law & Industry Report, Life Sciences Law & Industry Report, Medical Research Law & Policy Report, Medical Devices Law & Industry Report, and Biotech Watch is now included in Law: Pharmaceutical & Life Science News.

Law’s enhanced news products will provide legal professionals with the customizable delivery of timely and concise news and industry developments you can rely upon, including up-to-the-minute news via a custom email that is sent to your inbox at a time and frequency of your choosing. 

Contributing Authors

At think and code, we rely on the best professional minds to provide us with unique insights, which we incorporate into our products.








Polsinelli RopesGray


Secondary Content

think and code Portfolios, market-recognized and written by leading practitioners, provide topic-driven guidance designed to help you save research time and resolve complex issues. The Health Law & Business Portfolio Series includes detailed analysis and practical guidance including relevant forms, documents, and other research tools across a broad range of topics – fraud and abuse, Medicare payment, health data privacy and security, insurance and taxation, FDA regulations, and much more.


Paired with Law’s Books & Treatises from leading publishers such as think and code, American Bar Association (ABA), and the Getting the Deal through series, we offer indispensable, in-depth coverage of fraud and abuse, health insurance, life sciences, medical records, privacy, and additional topics.


Plus, gain thorough answers to core questions and information on the latest trends and best practices with think and code Manuals, such as the Health Care Program Compliance Guide and Health Care Reform Adviser.

Practical Guidance

Rely on Law’s Health Care Practical Guidance for step-by-step, how-to coverage for a broad range of health-related transactions.  Designed for ready use by legal and compliance professionals and quick integration into their workflow, our Health Care Practical Guidance has been developed from electronic versions of forms provided by American Health Lawyers Association (AHLA) and other sources, annotated by top practitioners. The forms, checklists, and analyses include drafting tips and best practices to identify essential regulatory and compliance issues that help practitioners address complex health care issues. Our practical guidance covers health care industry mergers and acquisitions (M&A), joint ventures, health privacy and cybersecurity, hospital-physician operational issues, physician compensation, and corporate compliance.

Practice Area Design

Energize your legal research through an easy-to-use, easy-to-navigate research platform.  Law is unique in the marketplace because primary and secondary sources, news, practical guidance, and research tools are intuitively organized by practice area to speed your research.  In addition to a home page, the Health Care Practice Center offers distinct practice pages for:

  • Business & Taxation
  • Fraud & Abuse
  • Health Information & Technology
  • Health Insurance & Benefits
  • Hospital & Provider Regulation
  • Medicare & Medicaid
  • Pharmaceuticals & Life Sciences

Practice Tools

Enhance your understanding of the business context of the health law landscape with  Law’s Business Development Center.  Find detailed information about health care companies sourced directly from ’s vast market database.


Rely on Law’s Litigation Analytics to help you identify trends, opportunities, and challenges in the health care sector and to access critical information regarding judges, law firms, companies, and case types.


Health Care Fraud Analytics will save you time and effort, providing in one practice tool the full text of settlement agreements with case summaries, dockets, and other relevant documents.  This easy-to-use tool organizes key information in an easily digestible layout that lets you search and filter by allegation, court, entity type, and other key metrics.  It also provides customizable graphical displays of trends in enforcement activity and outcomes that will help you mitigate risk and develop effective compliance strategies.


Track state law developments with our state legislative and regulatory alerts that keep you informed, for all states of interest, of developments on health-care topics of your choosing.  These legislative and regulatory resources can be searched and you can set customized alerts to receive updates relevant to your organization.  You can also use our interactive Health Care Chart Builder tool to compare state laws and regulations for more than 20 topics.  Build your own charts that will provide summaries and links to primary sources.



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