2018 Outlook - Health Care

Law’s 2018 Health Care Outlook explores what to expect from the federal regulatory agencies, Capitol Hill and the insurance industry and looks at legal trends facing health care providers and payers in the new year.
Republicans in Congress are rolling out an ambitious health agenda for 2018, seeking to achieve long-lasting policy goals, including repealing Obamacare, slowing the growth of Medicaid, and reforming Medicare. 

Health insurers will be looking for Affordable Care Act market stability, while the Medicaid program is poised to include major changes to push beneficiaries toward self-sufficiency in 2018. 

In this Outlook, Law advisory board members weigh in with their list of  Top 10 Health Law issues for the year. The number one issue for health care attorneys is how to advise their clients on health-care policy and regulatory changes.

2018 Outlook - Pharmaceutical & Life Sciences Law and Policy

Will the 21st Century Cures Act further its aim to boost drug and device development in 2018? That's one of the questions the life sciences industry and attorneys are asking for the new year. 

Other issues to watch in 2018 include what the HHS and NIH will do to help fight the nation's opioid epidemic. And in Congress, after a year of no action, there is still plenty of talk about prescription drug prices.

Law’s 2018 Outlook on Pharmaceutical & Life Sciences Law and Policy examines these issues and others that will have a significant impact on the industry in the coming year.




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