Thomas Field Jr. Esq.

University of New Hampshire School of Law
Field Jr., Thomas

Thomas G. Field Jr. fully retired in 2013, after helping launch Franklin Pierce Law Center in 1973. Before that, Professor Field examined patents (alkene polymers) in the U.S. Patent Office and taught and practiced briefly in Ohio. Professor Field’s curricular responsibilities included administrative process (emphasis on IP and technological regulation) and fundamentals of IP (for first year and other students lacking IP backgrounds). For a time, he was the school’s content webmaster. He also founded and, over a 10-year span, moderated a listserv for IP professors.

Besides serving in such capacities and on various committees over the years, he often had a formal role in advising student editors of the University of New Hampshire School of Law’s premier IP journal, IDEA.

Professor Field has been admitted to several bars but has never maintained active status. He has, however, sometimes served as consultant or expert witness. He also authored several amicus briefs for the U.S. Supreme Court and one for the Federal Circuit, supporting the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office in the landmark Zurko case. He arbitrated and mediated disputes under the aegis of the American Arbitration Association and the New Hampshire Public Employee Labor Relations Board. Also, during four years as a consumer-advocate-arbitrator, he helped resolve more than 150 local Chrysler warranty disputes. Further serving the public interest, he offered on the web and in more than 150,000 booklets basic IP advice for nonlawyers.

Professor Field received his A.B. from West Virginia University, his J.D. from West Virginia University, and his LL.M. from New York University.

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