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Environment & Energy Report covers the full range of today’s environmental topics with balanced news articles, insightful analyses, current statistics, and reprints of key official documents. 

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Get objective, original reporting on legislative and regulatory developments, court and administrative decisions, compliance news, government policies, and international standards — every business day. Make sound business decisions concerning compliance and enforcement, in light of newly decided cases, the regulatory rulemaking process, and industry trends.

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Trust the company that has covered this field since the Environmental Protection Agency was established in 1970. Get full coverage of today’s environment and energy topics with balanced news articles, insightful analysis, practitioner insights, current statistics, and reprints of key official documents.

Manage risks caused by climate change or by emerging regulations to mitigate climate change. Stay ahead of the curve as you monitor the laws, policies, trends, and practices that could affect you and those you advise. Be a more effective participant in the legislative and regulatory process and give your company enough time to prepare for new statutes and regulations.

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What's Available

Agency administration
• Appointments and personnel changes  
• Federal agency budget


• Air toxics
• CAFÉ standards
• Clean Air Act
• Emissions standards
• Enforcement
• New source review
• Ozone depletion

Budget and appropriations
• Federal budget  
• Non-U.S. budget  
• State budget 

Chemicals and hazardous materials
• Asbestos
• Biotechnology
• Biological pathogens
• DHS/antiterrorism
• Emergency Planning
• Endocrine disruption
• Enforcement
• Labeling
• Litigation
• Mercury
• Nanotechnology
• PCBs
• Pesticides
• Product safety
• Public Right-to-Know
• Risk Assessment
• Significant new uses
• Stewardship
• Testing
• Toxic Substances Control Act
• Toxic torts
• Vapor intrusion
• HAZMAT Transport

Climate Change
• Adaptation and mitigation
• Emissions trading
• EPA regulation
• Litigation
• Global policy
• Clean Power Plan
• Carbon tax
• Carbon emissions trading
• Carbon sequestration
• Renewable Energy
• Climate science
• Enforcement

Elections and politics
• Ballot initiatives  
• Congressional apportionment  
• Corporate political activity  
• Election campaigns  
• Non-U.S. elections  
• Political advertising  
• Political speech  
• Redistricting  
• Union political activity  
• Voting rights

• Biofuels
• Clean Power Plan
• Coal
• Electrical Grid


• Energy Efficiency
• Fossil Energy
• Fuel Efficiency
• Global energy developments in business, markets and regulations.
• Hydraulic fracturing
• Mining
• Nuclear Energy
• Oil and gas developments
• Renewable energy
• Transmission and distribution

Environmental cleanup
• Environmental due diligence

Environmental justice
• Civil Rights
• Disparate treatment
• National origin discrimination
• Race discrimination

International Environment 
• News and policy developments from dozens of more than 50 countries around the world
• Regulation by national governments of air and water pollution, hazardous and solid waste, and chemical management
• Important enforcement actions by national governments
• Initiatives of international organizations such as the UN, OECD and UNFCCC
• Implementation of REACH and GHS
• Ongoing climate change negotiations and developments
• Efforts on energy use, conservation and alternative energy sources
• Environmental actions related to NAFTA and other trade agreements
• Activities of non-governmental organizations
• International movements of hazardous waste and dangerous goods
• Maritime affairs and international shipping standards

Natural Resources
• Endangered species
• Public lands 
• Forests

• Pipeline safety

Regulatory process reform
• Legislative and administrative activity

• Stewardship 
• Green bonds  
• Sustainability reporting  
• Sustainable development

• Brownfields
• Cleanup
• Hazardous waste
• Radioactive waste
• Recycling
• Solid waste
• Superfund
• Coal Ash
• Enforcement

• Clean Water Act
• Oil Spills
• Safe Drinking Water Act
• Sewage projects and combined sewer overflows
• TMDLs and other water
• Wetlands
• Enforcement


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Follow the news as it develops throughout the day! See news headlines and short summaries on key environment and energy issues published online as the news occurs.


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