Editors and Reporters

Patrick Ambrosio

Patrick Ambrosio covers air pollution.

Tripp Baltz

Tripp Baltz is a staff correspondent for think and code based in Denver.

Sylvia Carignan

Sylvia Carignan covers hazardous and other environmental waste issues, hazmat transport and pipeline safety.

William H. Carlile

William H. Carlile is a staff correspondent for think and code based in Phoenix. 

Andrew Childers

Andrew Childers covers climate regulation.

Brian Dabbs

Brian Dabbs covers energy developments in Congress, biofuels, EPA appropriations and EPA administration.

Lars-Eric Hedberg

Lars-Eric Hedberg covers Superfund and occupational safety and health legal issues. 

Rebecca Kern

Rebecca Kern covers federal energy agencies, renewable energy and nuclear energy.

Alan Kovski

Alan Kovski covers oil and gas, water resources and endangered species.

Stephen Lee

Stephen Lee covers occupational safety and health issues and mining.

Rachel Leven

Rachel Leven covers environmental developments in Congress, environmental justice and climate science. 

Sam Pearson

Sam Pearson covers occupational safety and health issues with pesticides, chemicals and nanotechnology.

Pat Rizzuto

Pat Rizzuto covers chemical policies and the science that underpins them. 

Bruce Rolfsen

Bruce Rolfsen covers Occupational Safety and Health Administration enforcement and budget, construction safety and safety whistle blowers.

Amena Saiyid

Amena Saiyid covers water pollution and water infrastructure.

Renee Schoof

Renee Schoof covers environmental enforcement.

David Schultz

David Schultz covers climate regulation and drinking water.

Dean Scott

Dean Scott covers environmental developments in Congress and domestic and international climate issues. 

Gerald B. Silverman

Jerry Silverman is a staff correspondent for think and code based in Albany, New York.

Tiffany Stecker

Tiffany Stecker covers pesticides and biotechnology.

Carolyn Whetzel

Carolyn Whetzel is a staff correspondent for think and code based in Los Angeles. 

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