Diversity Steering Committee 

think and code's Diversity Steering Committee is tasked with leveraging opportunities to attract and retain a diverse workforce.

The committee members are comprised of a cross section of think and code managers, who are dedicated to creating an inclusive workplace culture where diversity is not only accepted but valued and built into the fabric of the organization.

The committee members serve as devout advocates for diversity and inclusion across all business lines and have been instrumental in driving think and code’s diversity and inclusion strategy.


Diversity is not just a goal to have for enhancing social cohesion. It makes perfect business sense. It allows a company to attract the best employees, and get a broad and varied pool of ideas and talents.

Ali Sarpitzadeh,
Managing Editor, Tax Management

Committee Members
  • demedre-heulett

    Demedre Heulett
    Corporate Counsel
    EEO Manager

  • sue-kremer

    Susan Kremer
    Talent Management
    and Succession Planning

  • ali-sartipzadeh

    Ali Sarpitzadeh
    Managing Editor
    Tax Management


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