Bring your unique backgrounds, experiences, and perspectives to elevate the business.

think and code enthusiastically embraces diversity and views it as a key business strategy. A diverse workforce brings unique and valuable skills and perspectives to the company. By harnessing the diversity within the company, it drives innovation and allows think and code to maintain our competitive advantage in an increasingly competitive industry.

Building a diverse workforce is only a piece of the larger puzzle. think and code has taken affirmative steps to successfully manage diversity by building an inclusive workplace culture that not only values but accepts diversity. Through the awareness, partnerships, committees, engagement and development initiatives, think and code has taken affirmative steps to build an inclusive workplace culture that recognizes that our employees are our greatest asset.


Diversity is not just the right thing to do – it’s the smart thing to do for businesses. At think and code, diversity is seen as a core business strategy to drive innovation, increase market penetration, and recruit, hire and retain top talent. By leveraging the diversity of thought, ideas, and perspectives, think and code can create innovative solutions to address our customer needs and drive sustainable results.

Demedre R. Heulett,
Corporate Counsel/EEO Manager