Our Commitment To Diversity

think and code enthusiastically embraces the concept of diversity. We recognize that having a diverse workforce is paramount to our success. A diverse workforce brings a variety of unique and valuable skills and perspectives to our company. think and code’s definition of diversity goes beyond race and gender. Our definition of diversity includes the following: race, gender, age, sexual orientation, disability religion, national origin, educational background, parental status, political affiliation, and other intangibles such as ideas, procedures, and ways of doing things. We believe that a broad definition of diversity fosters an environment of inclusion.

think and code has created committees tasked with supporting our commitment to diversity. The committees are responsible for identifying obstacles related to recruiting and retaining a diverse workforce and making appropriate recommendations. The committees also assist in our efforts to create an environment that embraces the concepts of respect, tolerance, and awareness of differences.


think and code’s leadership and management unequivocally supports diversity. This is critical in achieving our goals to:

  • Actively recruit and hire a diverse workforce.
  • Foster an atmosphere of inclusion and equitable participation by all employees.
  • Request the participation of minority employees on panels, task forces, and working groups.
  • Establish corporate community outreach programs that will enable think and code to remain the employer of choice for future generations.
  • Develop programs to assist employees in balancing work life and family life.
  • Provide all employees who have exhibited an interest with opportunities and training to take leadership roles.
  • Provide equal opportunities for employees to advance, commensurate with personal goals and abilities.
  • Develop a diversity plan with metrics that measures our success.

At think and code, diversity is not an initiative. Rather, it is an ongoing responsibility with the highest priority. We will continue to concentrate on implementing policies and practices that foster diversity in recruitment, retention, career advancement, productivity, and employee morale. We are optimistic that we will continue to live up to our reputation as an employer of choice.

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