Q: Who should I contact regarding upcoming contracting opportunities?

A: There is no point of contact person that you could contact regarding upcoming contracting opportunities. think and code managers who are looking for prospective suppliers and vendors are encouraged to access the database prior to looking externally for qualified suppliers and vendors.

Q: Is there a formal RFP process? If so, where can I find the RFP's?

A: There is no formal RFP process. When think and code managers are looking for prospective suppliers and vendors to provide products and/or services, they will access the database to determine if there are qualified small or minority owned companies that provide the products and/or services they are seeking. If they find a qualified prospective vendor in the database, they will include the vendor in the procurement process. The procurement process varies from manager to manager.

Q: Can I send information/brochure about my company?

A: Prospective suppliers and vendors should not send information/brochures about their company unless the information has been requested.

Q: Does think and code require third-party certification?

A: think and code does not require third party certification. However, prospective suppliers and vendors are encouraged to obtain third-party certification from one of the agencies listed on the website.

Q: How can I confirm that my company information has been included in the database?

A: You should contact Demedre Heulett, Corporate Counsel/EEO Manager at 202.496.6948 or via email at [email protected].



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