Products Comparison Manual for Trademark Users, Fourth Edition, With 2018 Supplement

This unique guide for trademark users and practitioners contemplating trademark infringement proceedings and trademark registration makes readily accessible 84 years of Trademark Trial and Appeal Board and court decisions on whether a client's mark used to identify a particular product might be confusingly similar to another mark used to identify other products. It contains more than 83,000 product comparisons, with citations for every comparison. The decisions discussed are fully searchable on an accompanying CD-ROM.

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David R. Higgins
Contributing Author (Second and Third Editions)


The only resource available for product comparisons with cites to U.S. Patents Quarterly, unpublished decisions of the TTAB, USPTO's Official Gazette, and TTAB proceeding numbers

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The new Fourth Edition of this essential trademark resource guides practitioners through the Trademark Trial and Appeal Board’s (TTAB) and the federal courts’ findings on similarity of products for trademark registration and enforcement. Trademark practitioners who are investigating similarity or dissimilarity of goods at issue can determine, quickly and easily, whether there are any decided cases that have compared with other products the products under consideration by the user, and can find citations for all such cases. The book compiles and indexes 88 years of TTAB and federal court decisions on product comparisons and whether likelihood of confusion was found, and allows practitioners to search the book’s entire contents electronically on an accompanying CD-ROM.

To help practitioners conduct the most complete and efficient search possible of similar products, the authors have analyzed the findings of the courts and/or the Board in order to impose editorial uniformity on the descriptions of products listed in the cases and have assigned U.S. Class numbers to each product. The Fourth Edition covers TTAB proceedings and court decisions from 1929 through December 2016, and contains more than 90,000 product comparisons, including approximately 1500 comparisons from 2016 alone.

TheFourth Edition has been extensively reviewed to refine and reorganize the descriptions and reduce duplicate entries to make it the most complete and effective reference possible. It also includes citations for every comparison, making it easy to find decisions on the Patent and Trademark Office (PTO) website or in think and code’s U.S. Patents Quarterly.


The 2018 Supplement covers TTAB and court proceedings through December 31, 2017, and contains approximately 1,200 new comparisons from 2017.  The accompanying CD-ROM fully incorporates the new data into the Fourth Edition, providing one seamless data file spanning 89 years.

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“Provides product comparisons in the likelihood of confusion analysis more accurately and in less time than any case law or headnote search, even using the most sophisticated electronic legal research databases…. [It] will pay for itself many times over in cost savings on legal research.”


—Jennifer L. Gregor

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