Corporate Settlement Tools: DPAs, NPAs, and Cooperation Agreements


Understand settlement options to achieve the most favorable outcome.


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Written by authors previously with the Department of Justice, Corporate Settlement Tools: DPAs, NPAs, and Cooperation Agreements describes and analyzes the different types of criminal settlements available. This comprehensive guide provides practice-oriented, practical guidance while also highlighting important recent settlements, with insight from authors who have been involved in numerous corporate investigations, mainly culminating in corporate settlements. 


Topics covered include: 

  • The basics of DPAs and NPAs, non-target letters, declinations, and corporate guilty pleas, and their development over the last ten years

  • Government corporate charging policies and related memoranda from the DOJ and SEC

  • Standard provisions, and standard compliance and remediation requirements

  • Corporate monitorships, and sentencing guidelines

  • Collateral consequences and related considerations

  • Individual prosecutions and cooperation

  • Multi-jurisdictional settlements and international DPAs

  • Negotiating corporate settlements

  • Handling publicity and shareholder questions following the settlement

  • The consequences of breaching a DPA or an NPA

Summary of Contents

Chapter 1. Basics of a Deferred Prosecution Agreement

Chapter 2. Basics of the Non-Prosecution Agreement

Chapter 3. Non-Target Letters and Other Corporate Settlements

Chapter 4. The Government’s Evolving Corporate Charging Policies

Chapter 5. The Origins of DPAs and NPAs

Chapter 6. Recent Developments in the Use of DPAs and NPAs

Chapter 7. Standard Provisions of DPAs and NPAs

Chapter 8. Corporate Compliance Programs and Effective Remediation

Chapter 9. Corporate Monitorships

Chapter 10. Sentencing Guidelines and DPAs/NPAs

Chapter 11. Civil Liability and Follow-On Litigation

Chapter 12. Debarment and Suspension

Chapter 13. Cooperation and Individual Prosecution

Chapter 14. Multijurisdictional settlements

Chapter 15. The U.K. Perspective

Chapter 16. The World Bank and Other Multi-Lateral Development Banks

Chapter 17. Negotiating Corporate Settlements

Chapter 18. Handling Publicity/Shareholder Questions

Chapter 19. Breach of DPAs/NPAs

Chapter 20. Conclusion


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Joan E. Meyer is a partner in Baker McKenzie's Washington, D.C. office, where she specializes in conducting global investigations and negotiating resolutions with enforcement authorities. Previously, she was senior counsel to the Deputy Attorney General at the U.S. Department of Justice, where she advised on corporate charging policies, corporate monitorships, and complex criminal litigation and corporate settlements. She also managed the operation of the President's Corporate Fraud Task Force. Joan is an accomplished trial lawyer and has previously acted as the First Assistant United States Attorney and Criminal Chief of the United States Attorney's Office in the Western District of Michigan.

Trevor N. McFadden is a United States District Judge for the District of Columbia. Before his appointment to the bench by President Trump, he was the Deputy Assistant Attorney General in the U.S. Department of Justice responsible for overseeing the Criminal Division's Fraud Section, which has exclusive jurisdiction over criminal prosecutions of the FCPA. Previously, he was a partner in Baker McKenzie's North America Compliance & Investigations Practice Group in Washington, DC. His earlier experience includes the prosecution of numerous trials as an Assistant United States Attorney and service in the Office of the Deputy Attorney General.


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