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Alex Ruoff on Health Care Legislation with Radio

Government Health Care Reporter Alex Ruoff shared his insights on on the first significant piece of health care legislation, which could reach the Senate floor later this month. The bill proposes to stop surprise medical bills and raise the age to buy tobacco and vaping products to 21.

Ben Penn on Secretary Acosta’s Tenure on All Things Considered

Law Labor Reporter Ben Penn appeared on NPR’s to discuss Secretary Acosta’s tenure at the Department of Labor in the wake of his announcement of his upcoming resignation.  

Cameron Leuthy on FBI Spending with Federal News Network

Government analyst Cameron Leuthy looks at the FBI’s spending with government contractors for professional support in an interview with . 

Jack Fitzpatrick on Trump’s Executive Action on Census Citizenship Question with Radio

Government’s Jack Fitzpatrick updates on President Trump’s planned executive action on the Census citizenship question.

Evan Weinberger on Payday Lending Alternatives With Radio

Assistant Managing Editor Evan Weinberger on banks offering small-dollar installment loans as alternatives to payday lenders as a guest on .

Shira Stein on Drug Company Pricing on Radio

Law Healthcare Reporter Shira Stein joined to discuss her reporting on Congress and the White House overlooking some tactics that drug companies and middlemen use to keep prices high.

Andrea Vittorio on Virtual Shareholder Meetings with Radio

Corporate Governance Reporter Andrea Vittorio discussed the growth in the number of public companies shifting their annual shareholder meetings to being virtual events in her appearance on .

Greg Giroux on Republican Women In the House of Representatives with Radio

Government’s  Greg Giroux appeared on to discuss the push by Republican women in the House of Representatives to increase their ranks in 2020 after a disastrous 2018 election left only 13 female GOP members.

Multiple Outlets Cover Tax & Accounting’s Corporate Tax Survey

and highlighted the key findings from  Tax & Accounting’s corporate tax survey.

Todd Cheney Column In Fierce Healthcare On New Lease Accounting Standards

Managing Editor Todd Cheney authored an article in on how to reduce healthcare industry risk around the new lease accounting standard.

Rob Levinson Analyzes Defense Spending Since WW II on Federal News Network

Government Analyst Rob Levinson highlights defense spending trends on operations & maintenance since World War II as a guest on .

Shaun Courtney on Boeing’s 737 Max 8 with Radio

Government Transportation Reporter Shaun Courtney appeared on with an update on Boeing’s 737 Max 8, which could be back in the air before Congress or the public get answers on how it was certified as safe in the first place.

Loren Duggan on Congressional Agenda Pre-July 4th Recess on Federal News Network

Government’s Loren Duggan discussed the items before Congress in its last week before the July 4th recess on .

Kimberly Robinson On Recent SCOTUS Rulings On Sirius XM

Law Supreme Court Reporter Kimberly Robinson appeared on where she spoke with Morning Briefing host Tim Farley on some of the last rulings of the Court’s current term, including a ruling with major free speech implications.

Madison Alder on President Trump’s Executive Order On Health Care Price Transparency on Radio

Law health care reporter Madison Alder updated  on President Trump’s executive order on health care price transparency which aims to give patients a better idea of what they’re going to be paying for health services

Lydia Beyoud on Facebook and Cryptocurrency with Radio

Law financial technology reporter Lydia Beyoud appeared on to discuss the likelihood that Facebook is destined for more congressional hearings in the not-too-distant future, as well as close scrutiny from a litany of regulators, due its move into cryptocurrency.

Travis Tritten on Troop Deployment and Space Force Funding with Radio

Government Senior Defense Reporter Travis Tritten discussed the decision to deploy troops to the Middle East in the midst of mounting tensions with Iran and funding for the Space Force in an appearance on .

Hassan Kanu on WNYC Radio Discussing Supreme Court Case

Law Labor Reporter Hassan Kanu appeared on to discuss the Supreme Court agreeing to take up a case brought by a television entrepreneur suing Comcast through a Reconstruction-era law that bans racial discrimination in business contracts for refusing to carry channels from his media company.

Mark Kozeal on Occupational Safety & Health Issues To Watch In Industry Today

Environment Product Management Director Mark Kozeal bylined an article on occupational safety and health issues to watch in 2019 for .

Jordan Rubin on Supreme Court Death Row Case on Phoenix NPR Station

Law Reporter Jordan Rubin was a guest on NPR station where he discussed McKinney v. Arizona, a 1991 murder case that will be heard by the United States Supreme Court.

Laura Francis on H-1B Visa Difficulties with Radio

Law Immigration Reporter Laura Francis was a guest on where she discussed the difficulties getting H-1B specialty occupation visas for businesses, which are largely targeting the IT staffing industry.

Michaela Ross on Border Wall Battle Funding With Radio

Government’s Homeland Security Reporter Michaela Ross discussed the potential for another government shutdown over border wall funding in an appearance on .

Paul Murphy Spotlights Multiple Award Contracts with Federal News Network

Government federal market analyst Paul Murphy spoke to Tom Temin on the significant growth of multiple award contracts.

Stu Basu on Tax Extenders with Radio

Tax’s Stu Basu was a guest on and previewed a potential showdown between lawmakers in the House and Senate over the renewal of temporary tax breaks for specific industries.

Shira Stein on Tension Between House Democrats and the White House on Radio

Law Health Care Reporter Shira Stein was a guest on and discussed the White House ignoring a request from lawmakers regarding their decision to stop defending the Affordable Care Act in federal court.

Adam Allington Discusses EPA Product Ban with NPR

Environment Reporter Adam Allington appeared in studio on to discuss the EPA’s decision to pull a dozen products containing chemicals harmful to honeybees.

Loren Duggan on 2020 Budget Negotiations on Federal News Network

In his regular appearance on , Government Editorial Director Loren Duggan discusses Congress’s return from recess next week and the task ahead of members to ensure the continuity of government going into fiscal 2020.

Adam Allington Discusses “Business of Bees” in California With KQED Radio

Environment Reporter Adam Allington appeared on Northern California’s to discuss how bees are supporting California’s lucrative almond groves.

Keshia Clukey Recaps The State Legislature’s Week on WCNY’s Capitol Pressroom

Law Correspondent Keshia Clukey recapped the past week in Albany as a guest on WCNY’s .

Warren Rojas on Retirement Savings Plans On C-SPAN

Law Reporter Warren Rojas appeared on  and previewed House floor debate on legislation that would increase the flexibility of retirement savings plans, making it easier for employers to offer retirement plans to their employees.

Travis Tritten on House Appropriators Boosting Weapons Programs with Radio

Senior Defense Reporter Travis Tritten appeared on  to discuss a vote by House appropriators on its defense funding bill which boosted major weapons programs such while also dealing setbacks to the Pentagon and Trump administration by nixing a Space Force and blocking any defense money for the border.

LawSites Spotlights Law’s Practical Guidance Expansion

Bob Ambrogi spotlights  Law’s expansion of Practical Guidance resources focused on litigation on .

Laura Francis Updates Radio on Immigration-Related Developments from Capitol Hill

Law immigration reporter Laura Francis appeared on  and provided an update on immigration-related developments from Capitol Hill including DACA and border security.

Alex Ruoff on House Floor Health Care Legislation on C-SPAN

Government health care reporter Alex Ruoff appeared on  and previewed the health care and prescription drug package being debated on the House floor the following day.

Hassan Kanu on NLRB Position on Gig Workers on Surveillance

Hassan Kanu appeared on  to discuss an NLRB memo that stated its position that Uber drivers and other gig workers are independent contractors instead of legal ‘employees,’ effectively excluding those workers from the rights to unionize and other protections granted to employees.

Christine Boeckel on The Impact of Wayfair in Accounting Today

Deputy Team Leader Christine Boeckel was featured in  discussing Tax’s State Tax Survey which delved into how states are handling sales and use tax reporting one year after the Supreme Court’s monumental South Dakota v. Wayfair decision in 2018.

Loren Duggan on Budget Debate with Federal News Network

Deputy News Director Loren Duggan appeared on  on the budget debate in Congress, which is heating up and showing no signs of a quick resolution.

Shira Stein on C-SPAN Discussing House Health Care Bill

Law Health Care Reporter Shira Stein appeared on  to discuss a House bill that would require the Trump administration to rescind a guidance that allows states to forgo certain ACA protections, such as the protection for pre-existing conditions.

Alex Ruoff on Drug Pricing Debate in Congress with Radio

Government Health Care Reporter Alex Ruoff shared his perspectives on the likelihood drug pricing legislation moves in Congress this year as a guest on .

Shira Stein on Healthcare Oversight with Radio

Law’s Shira Stein discussed health care oversight on Capitol Hill and how that is impacting the bipartisan issue of drug pricing as a guest on .

Law’s Keshia Clukey on WCNY’s Capitol Pressroom

Law Correspondent Keshia Clukey analyzed the news of the week that was as a guest on WCNY’s .

Rob Levinson on 5G and Department of Defense with Federal News Network

Government analyst Rob Levinson appeared on  to discuss the Defense Department’s request of  ideas from industry about how it might exploit the latest advances in commercial 5G technology for military communications.

Patrick Gregory on President Trump’s First 100 Judicial Appointments with Radio

Law Supreme Court Reporter Patrick Gregory provided an analysis of President Trump’s first 100 judicial appointments as he passed the century mark threshold this week.  He appeared on .

Christine Boeckel on Sales & Use Tax in Accounting Today

Deputy Editorial Director Christine Boeckel was interviewed by  on sales and use tax reporting in the wake of the Supreme Court’s monumental South Dakota v. Wayfair decision in 2018.

Loren Duggan on Federal News Network Discussing the 2020 Budget Process

Deputy News Director Loren Duggan appeared on F discussing lawmakers turning their attention to the 2020 budget – with the road ahead a long one.  He previewed what to expect from his early stage of the appropriations process.

Allyson Versprille on Radio Discussing 2017 Tax Law Change Impacting Aerospace Giants

Tax’s Allyson Versprille was a guest on  today where she discussed a change in the 2017 tax law that may require some companies to pay more upfront tax on billions of dollars of income that, in the past, they would have been able to spread out over several years. The issue has aerospace giants like Boeing and United Technologies looking to the Treasury Department for help.

Roxana Tiron on the Navy’s Ghost Fleet with Radio

Government National Security Reporter Roxana Tiron appeared on  where she discussed the Navy’s plan to significantly invest in robotic ships, aka the Ghost Fleet.

Ken Doyle on Radio Discussing Mueller Report’s Impact on the Federal Election Commission

Campaign Finance Reporter Ken Doyle was a guest on  where he discussed how the Mueller report will impact the Federal Election Commission, which will have to overcome deep partisan divisions to take enforcement action or write new rules to protect elections from foreign interference in 2020.

Michaela Ross on Radio Discussing a Bipartisan Call for Action to Respond to the Immigration Surge on the Southwest Border

Government Homeland Security Reporter Michaela Ross appeared on  to discuss a bipartisan call for billions of dollars and a series of Congressional actions to help curb a surge of migrant families and protect vulnerable children coming across the Southwest border.

Annabelle Gibson Bylines Crytpocurrency Article in FEI Daily

Tax Managing Editor Annabelle Gibson bylined an article in  answering the most common questions related to the taxation of cryptocurrency.

Bob Ambrogi on Law’s Litigation Analytics Enhancements

Legal technology expert Bob Ambrogi highlighted Law’s enhancements to Litigation Analytics in his  blog.

Stephen Lee On President Trump’s Support for the U.S. Coal Industry with Radio

Environment’s Stephen Lee updates  on President Trump’s support for the U.S. coal industry and how that’s manifested itself two years into his presidency.

Allyson Versprille On Congress and President Trump’s Tax Return with Radio

Tax Capitol Hill Reporter Allyson Versprille was a guest on  where she discussed House Ways and Means Chairman Richard Neal’s request of President Trump’s tax return and how that request will affect the relationship between Democrats and Republicans on Capitol Hill.

Greg Giroux on the Redrawing of Political District Lines and the 2020 Election with Radio

Government elections reporter Greg Giroux appeared on  where he talked about the ongoing redrawing of political district lines, raising the stakes in the 2020 election beyond the contests for White House and Congress.

Travis Tritten on Pentagon’s 2020 Budget with Federal News Network

Government defense reporter Travis Tritten was a guest on  and discussed the Pentagon’s 2020 budget request, which Congress is likely to go along with.

Loren Duggan On Likelihood of Fall Budget Impasse on Federal News Network

At the halfway point of fiscal year 2019, there’s already discussion around a continuing resolution or 2020. Government Editorial Director Loren Duggan discussed the possibility of another budget showdown later this year as a guest on .

Roxana Tiron On Pat Shanahan’s Likelihood to Head the DoD Permanently with Radio

Government’s Roxana Tiron was a guest on  where she discussed sentiments on Capitol Hill that Acting Defense Secretary Pat Shanahan’s odds to head the agency on a permanent basis are increasingly at risk.

David Schultz on Proposed EPA Changes with Connecticut Public Radio

Environment Reporter David Schultz appeared on Connecticut Public Radio’s  where he discussed proposed changes from the EPA that could impact which waterways are protected from pollution.

Kimberly Robinson On Gerrymandering Case with Radio

Law Supreme Court Reporter Kimberly Robinson appeared on  to discuss oral arguments in two related gerrymandering cases: one on a North Carolina map, drawn by Republicans who explicitly sought a partisan advantage, and the other on a Maryland voting district designed by Democrats to oust a Republican lawmaker.

Chris Ofper on Overtime and Minimum Wage with Radio

Deputy Team Leader Chris Opfer appeared on  to discuss a new Labor Department proposal to expand overtime pay requirements and a bill in Congress that would raise the federal minimum wage to $15 an hour.

Jerome Ashton on Steel Tariffs in Radio Appearance

Deputy Team Leader Jerome Ashton appeared on  to discuss a Law analysis that found the largest U.S. steel producers have made a majority of the objections to companies’ requests for relief from President Donald Trump’s steel tariffs, sinking many importers’ hopes of escaping the duties.

Michaela Ross on President Trump’s Border Wall Veto with Radio

Homeland Security Reporter Michaela Ross appeared on  to discuss President Trump using his first veto over a national emergency declaration to fund additional border wall construction – and what’s next in this ongoing battle between the White House and members of both parties on Capitol Hill.

Jack Fitzpatrick on Trump’s Budget Request and Lawmakers’ Reactions with SiriusXM

Government budget reporter Jack Fitzpatrick updated  Tim Farley on the 2020 budget proposal, the Administration’s visionary initiatives, and steep non-defense spending cuts.

Laura Francis On Dreamer Legislation

Immigration Reporter Laura Francis on e discussing House Democrats’ plans to again introducing legislation to legalize young, undocumented immigrants who came to the U.S. as children.

Michaela Ross on Backlog for Immigration Courts with Federal News Network

Homeland Security Reporter Michaela Ross was a guest on  to discuss how the ongoing influx of migrants to the United States has created a backlog for immigration courts.

Jack Fitzpatrick on President Trump’s Fiscal 2020 Budget Request with Radio

Government budget reporter Jack Fitzpatrick appeared on  Surveillance to discuss President Trump’s fiscal 2020 budget request, which includes $8.6 billion for border fencing and steep non-defense spending cuts.

Sara Merken on Senate Privacy Hearing with TV

Law privacy reporter Sara Merken appeared on  to discuss a hearing at which Senate Homeland Security panel members called for new data security and breach notification legislation after data scandals involving Equifax and Marriott.

Paige Smith On Radio On Walmart Greeters

Labor Reporter Paige Smith appeared on  to discuss the potential liability Walmart faces as it phases its iconic People Greeter position.

Loren Duggan on Debt Ceiling and Border Wall with Federal News Network

Government Editorial Director Loren Duggan appeared on  to discuss the debt limit and the border wall, both of which will be up for discussion on Capitol Hill this week.

Dean Scott on the Green New Deal with Radio

Senior Climate Reporter Dean Scott appeared on  to discuss the nuts and bolts of the Green New Deal.

Emily Dooley on the Push For Salton Sea Restoration On Air Talk with Larry Mantle

Environment correspondent Emily Dooley appeared on  on a panel discussing the Salton Sea restoration.

Andrea Vittorio Previews Financial Services Hearing on Radio

Corporate governance reporter Andrea Vittorio appeared on  to preview a first-of-its-kind  congressional panel focused on diversity in finance.

Jacquie Lee on AIDS Policy and The White House

Law Health Care Policy Reporter Jacquie Lee joined  today to discuss the Trump administration’s promise to end AIDS within 10 years at the same time it’s staying silent on complaints accusing insurers of unfair HIV drug coverage.

Travis Tritten On Trump’s Space Force with Radio

Senior Defense Reporter Travis Tritten appeared on  to discuss President Trump’s executive order to begin creating a Space Force.

Loren Duggan on Congress’s Agenda Upon Its Return from Recess on Federal News Network

Editorial Director Loren Duggan appeared on  to discuss Congress’s agenda upon its return from the current recess.

Michaela Ross on Border Deal With Radio

Homeland Security Reporter Michaela Ross was a guest on  where she weighed on whether President Trump would accept a bipartisan border deal that fell far short of his demands.

Laura Criste on Government’s IT Focus with Federal News Nework

Laura Criste, federal market analyst at Government, appeared on  and discussed the outlook for federal IT in 2019.

Rob Levinson and Megan Howard on Proposed Merger on Government Matters

Robert Levinson, senior defense analyst, and Megan Howard, legislative data analyst, appeared on ABC’s  to discuss the proposed merger of Defense Department and Veterans health systems, and why the proposal has some in Congress upset.

Cheryl Bolen On 2019 State of the Union with Radio

Cheryl Bolen, White House reporter for Government, was a guest on  where she discussed the highlights and key takeaways from last night’s State of the Union speech.

Donald Thomas Shares Outlook on 2019 with WashingtonExec

Government’s Vice President & General Manager of Government Contracting Donald Thomas shares his insights on the market in 2019 with .

Loren Duggan Previews State of the Union with Federal News Network

Editorial Director Loren Duggan previewed last night’s State of the Union in an appearance on .

George Farrah on Checklists to Navigate Tax Reform with Tax Executive

Editorial Director George Farrah was interviewed by  regarding best practices for corporate tax professionals to comply with the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act.

Greg Giroux on Fundraising for 2020 Senate Races with Radio

Elections reporter Greg Giroux appeared on  to discuss the millions of dollars in campaign contributions amassed by U.S. senators up for re-election in 2020. They Susan Collins (R-ME), Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY), and John Cornyn (R-TX).

Alex Ruoff on Senate Hearings On Drug Pricing on Radio

Government healthcare reporter Alex Ruoff appeared on where he discussed the first of many Senate Finance Committee hearings on drug pricing.

Chris Cornillie on IT Spending on Government Matters

Chris Cornillie appeared on  and discussed FY18 federal IT spending and what its increase means for government technology.

Robert Iafolla on Seminal NLRB Ruling on The Takeaway

Law’s Robert Iafolla appeared on WNYC’s  to discuss an NLRB ruling that redefines how it characterizes employees and independent contractors, narrowing an Obama-era ruling that would have made it easier for workers to seek federal protection.

Michaela Ross On Immigration-Related Spending with Radio

Homeland Security Reporter Michaela Ross discussed the sharp increase in federal contract spending for immigration enforcement and processing as a guest on .

Paige Smith on Allegations Against Oracle on NPR

Labor Reporter Paige Smith appeared on San Francisco Bay area NPR member station  to discuss allegations against Oracle that it underpaid women and minority workers and showed a preference for hiring certain visa-holders.

Paul Murphy on Shutdown’s Costs on Federal News Network

Washington, D.C.-area government contractors are feeling the impacts of the partial government shutdown and Government’s Paul Murphy has the story on  with Tom Temin.

Loren Duggan on the Government Shutdown and the Week Ahead in Congress on Federal News Network

Congress was supposed to be on recess this week but that’s not happening as the government shutdown enters its second month. Loren Duggan appeared on  to discuss the potential for a compromise to end the shutdown.

Alex Ruoff on Pending Battle Over Abortion Rights on Radio

Government’s Alex Ruoff appeared on  where he discussed House Democrats’ plans to challenge many of the Trump administration’s anti-abortion and conservative family planning policies, setting the stage for a battle with federal officials.

Jack Fitzpatrick on The Longest Government Shutdown in U.S. History with Radio

Budget Reporter Jack Fitzpatrick appeared on  where he weighed in on the likelihood that President Trump declares a national emergency to get the funding for the U.S.-Mexico border wall and whether that will succeed – and end the current shutdown.

Kimberly Robinson On Supreme Court Happenings with SiriusXM

Law Supreme Court Reporter updated Sirius XM’s  on the latest developments at the court, including Justice Kavanaugh’s first opinion, noteworthy upcoming cases, and Justice Ginsburg’s absence.

Chris Cornillie on DoDs Use of Agile on Government Matters

Federal Technology Market Analyst Chris Cornillie was a guest on ABC TV’s  where he discussed the Department of Defense’s use of agile technology to reduce its backlog of security clearances.

Cheryl Bolen on The Border Wall and White House Turnover with Radio

White House Reporter Cheryl Bolen was a guest on  where she discussed President Trump’s Oval Office address on his $5.7 billion funding request for the border wall and the extensive turnover among senior White House staff.

Loren Duggan on Efforts To Reopen the Government on Federal News Network

Editorial Director Loren Duggan spoke with  on House Democrats’ attempts to reopen closed agencies with the partial government shutdown in its third week.

Andrew Ramonas on Capital Market Impacts from the Shutdown with TV

SEC Reporter Andrew Ramonas appeared on  to discuss the impact of the partial government shutdown on the IPO market and the securities industry.

Andrew Ramonas on the Shutdown’s Impact on the Securities Market with TV

Law SEC reporter Andrew Ramonas appeared on  to discuss the impact of the partial government shutdown on the securities industry and the IPO market.

Jack Fitzpatrick on Democrats’ Efforts to End Shutdown with Radio

Jack Fitzpatrick appeared on  to discuss House Democrats’ plan to vote this week on four spending bills that would reopen the National Park Service, the IRS and other agencies in a bid to put the pressure on Republicans to end the standoff over border wall funds.

Nancy Ognanovich on the Partial Government Shutdown

Government Reporter Nancy Ognanovich appeared on  and ABC’s  to discuss the impact of the partial government shutdown and Democrats’ efforts to reopen the government.