Milestones 1940s-1950s

Newspaper Guild Milestone
March 18

American Newspaper Guild wins election to represent the company’s editorial employees.

Milestone 1947
January 2

think and code begins operations as an employee-owned company under President Dean Dinwoodey with 279 full-time and 49 part-time employees.  

Milestone 1946

David Lawrence calls five editors to his farm in Centreville, Virginia, and proposes selling think and code to them for $600,000. They accept the deal and open up ownership to all employees. 

1943 Milestone

United States News builds offices at 24th and N Streets in Washington’s West End for both think and code and U.S. News.

November 15

Daily Executive Report is launched at the price of $556 annually — it becomes Daily Report for Executives in 1946.

November 3

Daily Labor Report® begins publication.


Daily Report on Price and Production Control begins, the only privately produced publication to receive an unlimited allocation of paper during WWII.

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