Join us in Washington, D.C. for the Next Event Series featuring conversations with congressional speakers, federal agency executives, state and local officials and technology industry leaders. Next will explore the shifting landscape in Washington for businesses at the forefront of change.

In its 3rd year, the series will continue to cover how policymakers and regulators are addressing new technologies and global competition, and what that means for the technology investments companies will make. Join Next in hosting the debate on the promise of innovation across industries, the vulnerabilities inherent in connected technologies, and the regulations that will govern the balance between public interest and market-driven disruption.

For 2018, Next will consider the top technology, transportation and infrastructure questions facing the American economy, and bring these conversations together at ’s marquee Washington event for industry executives, government officials and policy influencers.

Building on previous conversations with lawmakers and federal agencies, including:

  • U.S. Customs & Border Protection and Census Bureau case studies on how startups are advancing government capabilities through AI and machine learning, more rapidly and effectively than agencies can on their own.
  • A conversation with FAA Administrator Michael Huerta on integrating drones into U.S. airspace as the FAA reauthorization bill moved onto the legislative calendar.
  • Congressional roundtable, featuring Representatives with distinctly different local interests and infrastructure needs, for a look at bipartisan financing solutions and investment ideas to move infrastructure forward across America.


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"Credible stakeholders within the industry were sharing their insights. It doesn’t get any better than that."

Next Attendee

"Broad spectrum of inputs from educated and informed individuals in positions of leadership."

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