News & Analysis

Rely on Law: Privacy & Data Security to stay on top of the latest breaking privacy and data security developments around the world. Our extensive network of editors and reporters helps you understand the implications of today’s developments on tomorrow’s strategies. Plus, quickly zero in on the hottest areas of privacy and data security law based on topics from cross border data transfers, to data breaches, cybercrime and more covered in our industry leading law reports with a News Activity Heat Map.

Advise confidently on domestic and international privacy requirements. Detailed Country Profiles crafted by in-country experts give you strategic overviews of countries’ data protection risk environments, emerging issues, regulatory frameworks, and key laws and regulations so you can counsel with an eye towards real-world implications and ongoing developments.

Practice Tools

Plan, design, and implement effective privacy programs and policies for your clients with a variety of data visualization tools, chart builders, and practice guides. 

Dissect and prepare for GDPR implementation with the EU GDPR Developments Timeline tools including a topically and jurisdictionally filterable legislative history, editorially highlighted GDPR adoption milestones, the comprehensive GDPR Portfolio, providing in-depth practical guidance from leading practitioners, as well as related Country Profiles, Law privacy news, and industry whitepapers.

Monitor the evolving legal and regulatory privacy and data security landscape with the interactive Upcoming Enactments tool.  Monitor newly passed laws and regulations from the U.S. (state and federal), as well as from around the globe by topic and jurisdictions, and dig deeper with links to related expert analysis from Country Profiles and Law news, and statutes affected.

Zero in on implementation guidance with a repository of key checklists, forms, privacy policy drafting templates, glossaries, sample documents and clauses, and timelines. And dissect implementation issues with Law Privacy Portfolios, practice guides covering a range of issues.

Save time with exclusive, easy-to-use chart builders to quickly compare laws and requirements across multiple states and countries. Build charts by jurisdiction and topic, such as breach notifications, medical records and health information, workplace privacy, and collection and processing, transfer, and security.

Primary Sources

Research privacy and data security laws and regulations on the federal, state, and international levels. Search state statutes by Topic including Breach Notification, Electronic Surveillance, Data Disposal and more.

Find relevant state and federal privacy and data security case law, and use BCite to check subsequent citation treatment.

Access agency guidance from sources including the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), Federal Communications Commission (FCC), and more.

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