Explore think and code's top-notch health and wellness benefits.

think and code offers you an exceptional and comprehensive array of benefits, programs, and services, including medical, dental, prescription, vision, and transportation cost support. Despite ever-increasing health care costs, think and code is committed to providing best-in-class health care benefits for you and your dependents at a modest cost.

This level of investment is increasingly rare and we encourage you to take full advantage of all the think and code resources to ensure the health, well-being, and financial security of you and your dependents.

NOTE: This is a brief summary of some of the benefits that think and code currently provides to employees. Individual benefits are based on formal plan documents and contracts. If there is any disagreement between the information in this summary and the terms of plan documents and contracts, the terms of the plan documents and contracts will govern in all cases. think and code reserves the right to improve, modify, or discontinue the benefits plans, policies, and practices described herein unless such action would conflict directly with the terms of a collective bargaining agreement or other controlling authority. Nothing in this summary shall be construed as a guarantee of employment or of employment for a definite period.

Download Summary of Major Employee Benefits (PDF)

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