Ben Penn


Ben Penn is a labor and employment reporter at Law. He covers the U.S. Department of Labor, including policy, regulation, litigation, and personnel shakeups. Tackling issues from the worker and employer perspectives, Penn regularly explores federal government rules and enforcement procedures that are designed to protect employees’ paychecks and rights on the job.  

He wrote extensively on the Obama administration’s active labor and employment agenda, including a controversial regulation to expand workers’ access to overtime pay. Then, after the 2016 election, Penn dove deep into the Trump administration’s efforts to roll back Obama-era workplace rules. Whether he’s examining the federal court dockets, the White House regulatory agenda, or lobbying disclosures, Penn is constantly reporting on the next Labor Department development before it happens. In addition to his breaking news and enterprise pieces, he co-authors the weekly Monday morning column, Punching In, forecasting and opining on the week’s top workplace news out of Congress and the executive branch. 

After joining Lawin 2013, Penn has also reported on union organizing and collective bargaining, labor market economics, and the National Labor Relations Board. He’s made multiple appearances on Radio

Penn, a lifelong Washingtonian, holds a bachelor’s degree in journalism from the University of Maryland.                                    

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