Comprehensive Bankruptcy Resource

Law’s Bankruptcy Practice Center, anchored by our digital Law: Bankruptcy Treatise, integrates analysis, news, case law, dockets, Practical Guidance, and renowned business information in an all-encompassing resource.

In addition to a home page, the Bankruptcy Practice Center is organized intuitively by practice pages:

  • Business Development
  • Chapter 11 Reorganizations
  • Business Liquidations
  • Bankruptcy Litigation
  • Asset Sales
  • Consumer Bankruptcies
  • Municipal Bankruptcies
  • CrossBorder Insolvencies

Each page pulls together related primary sources, news, and unique analytic tools — including annotated forms and expert guidance — to deliver a full range of information for the topic under consideration.  In-depth treatise content and company information complete the picture.



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Expert Guidance

Law: Bankruptcy Treatise is a comprehensive digital resource for federal bankruptcy law. Authored by leading practitioners, judges, and law professors, with over 600 chapters, Law: Bankruptcy Treatise provides thorough and detailed analysis of the federal bankruptcy code, the federal and local bankruptcy rules, and the cases interpreting these authorities. It is the only treatise to cover the local rules of all 94 judicial districts.

Stay current as developments happen with this digital treatise updated in real time. Real-time updates of our treatise ensure you’ll never have to worry that you’ve missed a case or a recent statutory amendment.

Law’s Practical Guidance provides task-based, how-to coverage, including overviews, checklists, sample forms and agreements, timelines, drafting and negotiating guides, and more. It is written by practice area experts with specific subject matter knowledge, including prominent bankruptcy practitioners. We continuously review, update, and expand our content offering in partnership with these practitioners.

Recent additions to the Bankruptcy Practice Center include Attorneys’ Fees: Chapter 11, an invaluable guide to ensure attorneys’ fees in a Chapter 11 proceeding are paid promptly and completely; and Involuntary Petitions, including task-based coverage and sample motions designed to protect creditors’ rights by exploring debtor strategies and responses.

The Bankruptcy Practice Center includes Bankruptcy Law Insights providing thought leadership from expert practitioners on emerging bankruptcy issues and trends, as well as News including more than 75,000 sources.




Business Development Tools

The Bankruptcy Practice Center features a Business Development Practice Page that includes market-moving news and unique analytics and trackers to help you prospect for distressed companies and identify trends across industries.  Access financial intelligence and breaking news from News and thousands of news wires to identify potential new clients and stay current on existing clients for business development. Utilize our proprietary Company Screener tool, powered by financial data, to get detailed company information.

You can rely on our Litigation Analytics tool to track litigation affecting more than 3.5 million companies. Litigation Analytics leverages company information, dockets, and court opinions to deliver key information by law firm, case type, date range, litigation history, judge, and jurisdiction.

Our Business Development Practice Page includes a new Bankruptcy Likelihood Assessment tool that will quickly and easily help you evaluate the probability of a company’s default within one year. With data visualizations powered by financial information, the new tool organizes companies by business sector, including the top 20 companies with at least $100M in market capitalization that have the greatest probability of default.



Curated Coverage

The Home Page is organized intuitively, grouping related content under “task-based tiles,” such as Legal Analysis, Practical Guidance, Example Agreements and Forms, News, Law & Rules, Court Opinions. Dockets can be searched by court, recent cases, or orders. Search results can be filtered by bankruptcy chapter (9, 11, 15) or document type (Section 363 sale motions).

Similarly, all our Practice Pages pull together content related to the issue under consideration, including mapping to on-point coverage in Law: Bankruptcy Treatise and on-point secondary coverage, example forms, dockets, and related primary source content. Additional enhancements include an interactive map for state fraudulent transfer laws (Chapter 11 Reorganizations, Business Liquidations, Cross-Border Insolvencies Practice Pages), an interactive map of state exemption laws (Consumer Bankruptcies Page), and ALI-ABA Bankruptcy Forms.

Unlimited, unrestricted searches and alerts for dockets make it easy to learn more. The Bankruptcy Practice Center gives you links to easily search U.S. bankruptcy filings by chapter number and to find U.K. corporate insolvency filings. You can also start research at the trial or appellate level and then further target your search using the fields of our Docket Search. With bankruptcy courts selected, limit your search of trial proceedings to certain chapters, to dockets with listed assets or specific adversary proceedings.


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