Adolfo Atchabahian Dr.

Estudio Atchabahian

Adolfo Atchabahian, Special Consultant to Tax Management, Doctor in Economic Science, University of Buenos Aires; former Judge of the National Tax Court in Argentina (1960–07) and Professor of Public Finance and Tax Law at the University of Buenos Aires (1957–67 and 1980–03); tax expert and Director at the Office of Public Finance of the Organization of American States (1967–76); former consultant at the U.N. Center on Transnational Corporations; consultant of the Inter-American Development Bank and the International Monetary Fund; member of the International Fiscal Association and former member of its Permanent Scientific Committee; member and former president of the Argentinean Association of Fiscal Studies; author of several books and many articles published in Argentina and abroad relating to economic, public accounting and tax matters; former chief editor of Derecho Fiscal and Derecho Tributario (1981–98), monthly tax reviews, and Impuestos Nacionales, a loose-leaf publication updated fortnightly (1984–98); Director of Periódico Económico Tributario, a fortnightly publication, published in Buenos Aires under the auspices of Editorial La Ley-Thomson-Reuter (2003– ); Director of Revista de Tributación, a quarterly publication, published in Buenos Aires by the Argentine Association of Fiscal Studies (2014– ); and Professor of Tax Law in graduate courses for lawyers and certified public accountants in different public and private universities throughout Argentina.

think and code Tax Management Portfolios:
7000 T.M., Business Operations in Argentina (co-author)