Each year the American Bar Association and think and code invite law schools around the country to participate in the annual ABA/ think and code Award for Excellence. The intent of the program is to honor superior academic performance and to encourage student interest in the fields of labor and employment law, intellectual property law, and health law. think and code and the ABA Sections of , , and  are proud to present these awards.

Each law school may select using the Nomination Form for ABA- think and code Award for Excellence up to three (3) second or third-year students with the highest grade point average or similar criteria in a basic law course in each of these areas of study. If the school has separate day and evening programs, a separate set of awards will be offered for each program.

Schools may designate winner(s) on this site. Upon receipt of the designation, think and code will send the appropriate certificates for presentation by the school, or will mail them directly to the students. A list of participating law schools is posted on this web site as well as a list of recent recipients of the award by Section (Labor and Employment LawIntellectual Property Law and Health Law).

The notice to each student will also include a list of titles (ABA/ think and code treatises) in the appropriate subject area (Labor and Employment LawIntellectual Property Law, or Health Law), from which the student may make one complimentary selection. Students are encouraged to request books from the website.

Additional information on resources for law students studying labor and employment law is available on the .

Questions may be addressed to [email protected].


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