Our number one goal is to help you grow your business and tap into new markets. By connecting your brand with decision-makers through our expert content and customized events, we can extend your reach, highlight your thought leadership, and enable your brand to seize the spotlight.

We've worked with top brands to achieve their business goals. Below are a few of the companies that have taken advantage of the power of  Next services to grow their businesses and transform their appearance as leaders within their industries.


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David Di Martino

Partner, Blue Engine

"I think the whole service comes down to organization, professionalism, and production. On all three of those criteria, think and code hits it out of the park."

think and code has the power to set your brand apart from your competition.

We’ve teamed up with some of the biggest names to help surpass their business goals. With our exclusive capabilities to reach niche audiences and draw media-worthy crowds and speakers, our services enable our clients to effectively and sustainably grow their business.

Iris Jones

Chief Business Development & Marketing Officer, McNees

" think and code heightened our awareness and enabled us to have a better sense of our audience and scope."

Next has the power to reach untapped markets to expand your potential.

Utilizing data-driven techniques paired with our content expertise, we’re able to customize audience recruitment and align directly with your business needs.

Kat Maramba

Communications Strategist, Blue Engine

"The think and code events bring together an exceedingly strong, diverse audience, enabling very engaging conversations that propels the dialogue."

Diversity is our mantra at Next.

We pride ourselves on our continued commitment to ensure our events offer a wide spectrum of diverse voices.

Ty Gowen

Content Strategist, Unum

" think and code dives deep with the research and really explores the topic. What we received was not just a prettier version of our supplied information, it was a more in-depth dive that worked hard to improve the points that together, we set up as a thesis from the start."

With over 90+ years of publishing experience, we know content.

Next taps our knowledge leaders to build a customized experience with content that propels conversation.